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seichem or sekhem -  algemene info

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Lineage: Usui - Hayashi - Takata - Dr. Barbara Ray - Patrick Ziegler.


Origin: Originally Patrick Ziegler was guided to add additional symbols and to change the name from Reiki to Seichem. Some people say that Seichim has its origins in Egypt and perhaps after adding to the original system it could be said that some of the information contained within Seichim came from Egypt. However the original roots of this system were in Japan with Dr. Usui. We have found four distinct versions of Seichem Reiki.


The first one is very close to the Traditional Usui Reiki (it is the original version with lineage back to Patrick)with the addition of facets (or levels or degrees) 4 and 5. First Facet (Degree) is taught like traditional Usui Reiki: 4 attunements. Second Facet (Degree) has 2 attunements; teaches 3 traditional symbols and several variations on the power symbol, distance healing and mental/emotional balancing. Master Facet (Degree): 1 attunement; 1 symbol, teaches how to attune to 3 levels. Fourth Facet (Degree) 1 attunement; additional symbols, attunements for animals and inanimate objects. Fifth Facet (Degree) 1 attunement; additional symbols, personal empowerment attunement.


The second one has a strong Egyptian feel (the lineage on this one is Patrick - Phoenix Summerfield - Marsha Burack...) it has 2 facets with 11 steps to each facet, and 4 levels. Each facet has initiations and contains references to Sekhmet. You start as a Reiki II, the First Level is called Seichem Adept; 2 initiations; Second Level is called Seichem Master/Teacher; 1 initiation, teaches 9 symbols, how to do the initiations and other information.


The third one is Tibetan in feel (the lineage is Curtis Hakeem...) and has 7 levels with new symbols and understandings at each level. The first level, 1 initiation, hand positions; Second Level, 1 initiation, 3 symbols (names, meanings and use, and a distance or absentee healing technique; Third Level, 1 initiation, 13 symbols 7 hot, and 6 cold. The symbols are letters and names of the Tibetan alphabet. A treatment is also taught utilizing all 13 symbols it is not hands-on, rather for about 45 minutes the person stands while the Seichim Practitioner dances the symbols into the aura. During the process one feels very much like they are merging with the earth.


The fourth one is Seichim as taught by Patrick today. It attunes one to Living Light energy which moves in a figure eight rather than a spiral as in Reiki. The attunement process is done during meditation where the high heart chakra is opened and connected with Earth and Universal energies. The feeling of energy during the attunement is very ethereal, with a flavor similar to Reiki/Radiance. It is said that with Seichim one can direct and control the intensity of the energy. We have not noticed a great difference between the energy of Seichim and Reiki, both are gentle loving energies, which help the body to regain balance and reconnects the initiate with Source/Creator/God.

Nb.: De bron van informatie en de liggen bij Life Positive. Kijk voor de volledige en originele tekst op Lifepositive . com.


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