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Lineage: Andrea Mikana - Pinkham -


Origin: This system of Reiki was started by Andrea. It is a combination of Usui Reiki for first and second degrees and Johrei Reiki for Mastership (see Johrei Reiki for more information). Andrea calls herself a Reiki Grand Master. The traditional 3 symbols are given in Second Degree and Johrei Master Symbols given in mastership. No Usui Master symbol is given. The attunements are quite different in form and the student sits on the floor throughout the attunement. There is also another simple procedure which is called a Heart Attunement developed by Andrea. The Heart attunement addresses only the Heart Chakra and is similar to procedures other masters do to attune a chakra or chakras. The Johrei calligraphy (White Light symbol) is also given as is the Antahkarana which is called the male/female master symbol.


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Nb.: De bron van informatie en de liggen bij Life Positive. Kijk voor de volledige en originele tekst op Lifepositive . com.


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