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enersense-buddha -  algemene info

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Lineage: Part of teachings & transmission from Usui via - Hayashi - Takeuchi - Takamori - Premaratna.


Origin: Claimed to be from Buddhist Lamas of Nepal, Tibet and Northern India. Ven. Seiji Takamori (a Buddhist monk) researched Reiki and specific meditation practices transmitted to him from Dr. Usui. He found a complete system of spiritual discipline which related to healing, and recognized in this the original practices relating to Reiki. These transmitted teachings from Usui and the Lamas are taught in 4 stages under the name of EnerSense-Buddho. They involve a meditation practice and empowerments, and use ancient symbology, mantras, yantras, Buddhist deity visualizations, marma point healing, chi-nadi exercises, Buddhist teachings and philosophy. The teachings are direct transmitted teachings and are not modified, reconstructed or channeled and are considered to be further studies in the Lineage of Takamori: Reiki Jin-Kei Do.

Nb.: De bron van informatie en de liggen bij Life Positive. Kijk voor de volledige en originele tekst op Lifepositive . com.



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