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blue star Reiki -  algemene info

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Lineage: John Williams - Gary Jirauch ...

Origin: Originally called Blue Star Celestial Energy. John Williams a Reiki Master from South Africa channeled this energy from his guide Makuan in January, 1995. Blue Star Celestial Energy, as described by John Williams, is a transmission of spiritual ability to bridge the gap between God and man-the Rainbow Bridge-enabling the adept to utilize this potential and to function at expanded levels of awareness. Makuan retrieved the knowledge of the Blue Star Celestial Energy System from Os-Mo-Ro-Pup, an Ancient Egyptian Mystery School source. Maintaining a profound sense of balance between mind and heart is the key to the utilization and manifestation of this energy. It is said to be the vehicle for bringing peace and planetary healing as fast as it can happen. Blue Star is not primarily concerned with immediate benefits, such as health, protection, financial gain, and other matters pertaining to the needs of everyday life. Rather, it is aimed towards the growth, evolution, and spiritual development of its practitioners (sounds like Reiki). It protects against the psychological fragmentation which could threaten the psyche during its exposure to multi-dimensional experiences of inter-time travel. In April, 1995 John initiated Gary Jirauch to this energy. Gary modified the system and changed the name to Blue Star Reiki.

Nb.: De bron van informatie en de liggen bij Life Positive. Kijk voor de volledige en originele tekst op Lifepositive . com.



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